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Inclusive Leisure Services: Responding to the Rights of People with Disabilities, Second Edition

Inclusive Leisure Services: Responding to the Rights of People of Disabilities, Second Edition encourages leisure services providers to promote inclusion of people with disabilities in their programs. The information provided in the text is supplemented by a CD-ROM of interactive learning activities.

This text will educate future and current leisure services professionals about attitude development and actions that promote positive attitudes about people who have experienced discrimination and segregation. It provides strategies that will facilitate meaningful leisure participation by all participants, while respecting the rights of people with disabilities. The first section is devoted to awareness of important concepts. The second section presents readers with the Americans with Disabilities Act and specific strategies to facilitate participation within the spirit of the act. The final section introduces readers to people with disabilities, their characteristics, and methods for including them in community leisure services.

Each chapter begins with an orientation activity to familiarize the reader with the content presented in the chapter and to provide an opportunity to interact with others about the topic. Next, a debriefing is provided, containing a short discussion about the orientation activity and a few questions requiring the reader to reflect on the activity. Each chapter contains an introduction designed to briefly acquaint the reader with the topics to be covered. The content of each chapter poses a variety of questions and possible responses. Final thoughts offer additional examples and a chance to reflect on the information presented in each chapter. Each chapter ends with discussion questions to encourage the reader to review the material, identify important aspects of the content, and engage in problem solving.

The CD-ROM contains 19 interactive learning activities designed to be completed after a corresponding chapter in the book has been read. The activities place students in the roles of leisure services providers who must make decisions about providing inclusive leisure services. Learners apply information obtained from reading the book and they receive immediate feedback regarding their decisions. The activities encourage application of knowledge acquired from the book in an interactive and interesting format.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments; List of Tables and Figures
Section A: Develop an Awareness
Chapter 1: Become Oriented
Chapter 2: Learn about Inclusion
Chapter 3: Understand Attitude Development
Chapter 4: Enhance Your Attitude
Chapter 5: Improve Others’ Attitudes
Chapter 6: Use Sensitive Terminology
Chapter 7: Support Families
Chapter 8: Be Aware of Barriers to Leisure
Section B: Facilitate Participation
Chapter 9: Respond to the Americans with Disabilities Act
Chapter 10: Employ Principles of Universal Design
Chapter 11: Facilitate Self-Determination
Chapter 12: Develop Comprehensive Leisure Education
Chapter 13: Promote Social Interaction and Friendships
Chapter 14: Make Reasonable Adaptations
Chapter 15: Advocate for Services
Section C: Consider Individual Characteristics
Chapter 16: People, Inclusion, and Physical Limitations
Chapter 17: People, Inclusion, and Cognitive Limitations
Chapter 18: People, Inclusion, and Sensory Limitations
Chapter 19: People, Inclusion, and Technology
Appendix; Glossary; Index
CD-ROM included


by John Dattilo
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