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Leisure Education Program Planning: A Systematic Approach, Third Edition

Leisure Education Program Planning: A Systematic Approach, Third Edition provides information that is useful in developing a comprehensive leisure education program regardless of the people being served or the place where services are delivered.

The most significant change to this edition is the expansion of the first section of the book, including a new chapter devoted to processing experiences. Recent information has been infused into the book since material relevant to leisure education continues to be produced.

Chapter 1 begins with information about leisure, leisure education, and rationales for leisure education. Chapter 2 provides information related to the foundations of leisure education. Chapter 3 contains a discussion of the potential outcomes of leisure involvement as well as how leisure education can foster the development of opportunities for leisure participation. Recommendations regarding the provision of leisure education services are presented in Chapter 4 and Chapter 5 provides empirical evidence supporting the provision of those services.

Chapter 6 provides a detailed description of seven suggested areas of concentration within leisure education programs to assist clients in developing more satisfying leisure lifestyles. Chapter 7 contains a detailed format that can be used to develop specific leisure education programs. Chapter 8 contains multicultural considerations to enhance the ability to serve participants with a variety of different experiences, characteristics, and identities. Chapter 9 provides practical suggestions that may assist in preparing, presenting, and concluding leisure education programs. Details on how to effectively process an experience are highlighted in Chapter 10. Chapter 11 surveys various ways to adapt programs to meet the needs of all participants, regardless of ability.

The second section of the book contains programs associated with six leisure education components identified in the text (i.e., appreciate leisure, be aware of self in leisure, be self-determined in leisure, interact socially, use leisure resources, and make leisure decisions). Based on field-testing, evaluation, and experience over the past few years, revisions have been made to each of the programs to improve clarity and flow.

Table of Contents

Preface; Acknowledgments, About the Cover
Section A — Leisure Education Program Planning
Chapter 1 Overview of Leisure Education
Chapter 2 Foundations of Leisure Education
Chapter 3 Potential of Leisure Education
Chapter 4 Recommendations for Leisure Education
Chapter 5 Effects of Leisure Education
Chapter 6 Areas of Concentration for Leisure Education
Chapter 7 Systematic Programming for Leisure Education
Chapter 8 Multicultural Considerations for Leisure Education
Chapter 9 Teaching Techniques for Leisure Education
Chapter 10 Processing in Leisure Education
Chapter 11 Adaptation of Leisure Education Programs
Section B — Specific Leisure Education Programs
Program 1: Appreciate Leisure
Program 2: Be Aware of Self in Leisure
Program 3: Be Self-Determined in Leisure
Program 4: Interact Socially During Leisure
Program 5: Use Resources Facilitating Leisure
Program 6: Make Decisions About Leisure
References, Subject Index


by John Dattilo
Year of Publication
May 2008
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