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Benefits of Leisure

Here is the book which defines state-of-the-art documentation in the benefits of recreation. Various chapters define the state-of-knowledge concerning recreation benefits including psychological measures, health measures, sociological measures, economic measures and environmental measures. Additionally, this book explores ways in which benefits of leisure are defined and measured from the standpoint of various disciplines. A useful book not only to those who study recreation and leisure but also for those who manage recreation, park, and leisure services. Authors include well-known experts (both educators and practitioners) in a wide variety of areas. A definitive work.

Table of Contents

I: Introductory Chapters

  • Research on Leisure Benefits: An Introduction to This Volume by B. L. Driver, Perry J. Brown, and George L. Peterson
  • Needs for Information on Leisure Benefits in the Legislative Process by George H. Siehl and Peter H. Kostmayer
  • Managerial Needs for Information on Benefits of Leisure by Darrell E. Lewis and H. Fred Kaiser
  • Philosophical Perspectives on Leisure in English-Speaking Countries by Thomas L. Goodale and Wes Cooper
  • Relations Between the Development of Culture and Philosophies of Leisure by Geoffrey C. Godbey and Bohdan Jung

II: State-of-Knowledge Chapters

A: Physiological and Psychophysiological Measures

    • Health Benefits of Physical Activity by Ralph S. Paffenbarger, Jr., Robert T. Hyde and Ann Dow
    • Cardiovascular Benefits of Physical Activity by Victor F. Froelicher and Erica Sivarajan Froelicher
    • Psychophysiological Indicators of Leisure Benefits by Roger S. Ulrich, Ulf Dimberg, and B. L. Driver

B: Psychological Measures

    • Leisure and Self-Actualization by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi and Douglas A. Kleiber
    • Self-Identity Benefits of Leisure Activity by Lois M. Haggard and Daniel R. Williams
    • The Personal and Social Benefits of Sport and Physical Activity by Leonard M. Wankel and Bonnie G. Berger
    • Programmed, Nonclinical Skill Development Benefits of Leisure Activities by A. T. Easley
    • Recreation and the Mentally Ill by Lynn Levitt
    • Spiritual Benefits of Leisure Participation and Leisure Settings by Barbara L. McDonald and Richard Schreyer
    • The Learning Benefits of Leisure by Joseph W. Roggenbuck, Ross J. Loomis and Jerome V. Dagostino
    • Developmental Benefits of Play for Children by Lynn A. Barnett
    • Mood as a Product of Leisure: Causes and Consequences by R. Bruce Hull, IV
    • The Paragraphs about Leisure and Recreation Experience Preference Scales: Results from Two Inventories Designed to Assess the Breadth of the Perceived Psychological Benefits of Leisure by B. L. Driver, Howard E. A. Tinsley and Michael J. Manfredo

C: Sociological Measures

    • Benefits of Leisure for Family Bonding by Dennis K. Orthner and Jay A. Mancini
    • Organizational Wellness by Taylor Ellis and Glenn Richardson
    • Benefits of Leisure Services to Community Satisfaction by Lawrence R. Allen
    • Leisure Resources, Recreation Activity, and the Quality of Life by Robert W. Marans and Paul Mohai
    • Parks and Recreation: More Than Fun and Games by Charles R. Jordan
    • Mapping a New Frontier: Identifying, Measuring, and Valuing Social Cohesion Benefits Related to Nonwork Opportunities and Activities by William R. Burch, Jr. and Elery Hamilton-Smith

D: Economic and Environmental Measures

    • Beneficial Economic Consequences of Leisure and Recreation by Rebecca L. Johnson and Thomas C. Brown
    • Creation and Recreation: Environmental Benefits and Human Leisure by Holmes Rolston, III

III: Responses from Disciplinary Perspectives

  • A Psychophysiological Perspective with Emphasis on Relationships Between Leisure, Stress and Well-Being by Andrew Baum
  • Benefits of Leisure: A Social Psychological Perspective by Icek Ajzen
  • Sociological Perspectives on Recreation Benefits by John R. Kelly
  • Aging and Leisure Benefits: A Life Cycle Perspective by Barry D. McPherson
  • Economic Quantification of Leisure benefits by Mary Jo Kealy
  • Leisure -- The Last Resort: A Comment by Erik Cohen
  • The Construction of Leisure by Elery Hamilton-Smith
  • Leisure, Justice, and Imagination by Marvin Henberg

IV: Summary

  • A Retrospective: The Benefits of Leisure by Roger C. Mannell and Daniel J. Stynes

V: Appendix

  • Summary of three discussion groups at the workshop at which the chapters were previewed


edited by B.L. Driver, Perry J. Brown, and George L. Peterson
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