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Recreation for Older Adults: Individual and Group Activities

This book, by the authors of the best-selling Recreation Programming and Activities for Older Adults, is written for the recreation professional and anyone else who works with older adults in the field of recreation. It provides low-cost, client-intensive recreation programming ideas for older adults, regardless of the level at which they are able to function. Anyone working with people with disabilities may utilize these ideas, but they have been designed and tested for use with older adults.

A majority of the activities in this book are designed for use with clients who must have individual attention from a staff member in order to participate. There are also a number of activities appropriate for small and large groups. The activities are designed for older adults who may or may not be physically frail, but who exhibit many signs of confusion, memory loss and/or disorientation. The authors also give tips on how adults who are functioning on higher physical and mental levels can assist their group members and the activity leader.

The authors' philosophy, evident throughout the book, is that any recreational activity can and should be of benefit to the client, and even those programs that are designed simply to provide a fun-filled afternoon or evening should have a goal and carry equal weight in the overall programming schedule. Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialists, activity leaders, and volunteers may utilize these ideas in adult day care, personal care homes, extended care units, senior centers, or nursing homes.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments; Introduction
Chapter I — Reality Check
Chapter II — Alive and Active
Chapter III — On the Quiet Side
Chapter IV — Something to Talk About
Chapter V — Remember When
Chapter VI — Move It or Lose It
Chapter VII — Melody and Melodrama
Chapter VIII — Sweet Treats
Chapter IX — Craft Fun
Chapter X — All Natural
Chapter XI — Theme Events
Chapter XII — Working With the Low-Functioning Client
Staff Tips; Resources


by Judith A. Elliott and Jerold E. Elliott
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